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The practice of Dr. J. Ladd Williams is located in Mesa, Arizona, and he treats patients from Phoenix, Scottsdale, and throughout the state. Our expert cosmetic dentist is committed to addressing the needs of his patients in every phase of care. Dr. Williams stresses the importance of patient care and comfort because he knows that they are essential to treatment provided by an outstanding cosmetic dentist. The care that Dr. Williams provides to his patients is unique not only because of his dedication to his patients, but also because of the technology he uses and the amenities he offers. Dr. Williams creates a comfortable, pleasant dental experience characterized by consistently high-quality care.


The technology used by Dr. Williams is intended to make the dental experience easier, quicker, and safer for every patient. In order to protect his patients from harmful radiation, Dr. Williams uses panoramic digital X-ray technology. Digital X-rays are part of a detailed multi-phase imaging system that includes conventional photography, intra-oral cameras, and digital radiography. Comprehensive imaging allows for unparalleled accuracy when treating complex dental problems.

Dr. Williams also offers Invisalign® aligners for invisible orthodontic correction. Many patients prefer the Invisalign® system because the technique correcting misaligned teeth is less visible, more efficient, and more convenient that traditional orthodontics. In addition, Dr. Williams offers Opalescence Teeth Whitening/ bleaching solutions for convenient one-hour whitening, and computerized tooth color matching for all tooth-colored restorations. For patients experiencing dental pain or anxiety, Dr. Williams provides nitrous oxide.


Dr. Williams believes in keeping patients comfortable, relaxed, and entertained throughout the dental experience. His brand new dental facility includes a waiting area with a massage chair, a 42-inch plasma screen TV, fresh cookies, warm towels, and a fountain. The staff is dedicated to maintaining a comfortable, welcoming waiting room atmosphere. Also, because Dr. Williams believes in seeing fewer patients and spending more time with each of his patients, the waiting room is never crowded and is always comfortable.

Of course, the waiting room is only the first part of the dental experience. For Dr. Williams, a comfortable waiting room is pointless without state-of-the-art treatment facilities. To ensure his patients' comfort during their procedures, he offers TV and DVD movies in the treatment room, with headphones available. He also offers a Casey interactive DVD patient education system in order to make technical explanations easier for patients to understand. 

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Dr. J. Ladd Williams, Phoenix and Scottsdale area cosmetic dentist, looks forward to helping dental patients in Arizona achieve a beautiful smile and optimal dental health. Contact Dr. Williams to learn more about the procedures he offers or to schedule an appointment.